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Pro Se Advocates, Inc.

Bonded and Insured

Making Top-Notch Services Accessible & Affordable

Pro Se Advocates, Inc. is here to help 

from vendor, freelance or contract assignments from law firms and insurance companies,

to individual document preparation services.

E-mail: [email protected]

People who choose to handle their own legal matters, without an attorney, usually do so because they feel that their legal matter is fairly simple and to save money. Especially when the legal matter requires documents only and there is no dispute, proceeding pro se might be the best choice. 

Do so successfully with the assistance of Pro Se Advocates! 

Legal document preparers assist people with routine legal matters and insurance claims. These businesses and entrepreneurs fill a need in the middle ground - assisting people who prefer not to pay steep attorney’s fees, but also need some guidance completing legal forms and finding information.

Keep in mind, there are some situations where nothing will do, but to hire an attorney.

Professional Services

Pro Se Advocates, Inc. is here to help from freelance assignments from law firms to public services such as Notary, people & background search, property information search, Living Will, Power of Attorney forms, Advanced Directives, Last Will & Testament, automobile bodily injury claims assistance, and so much more. Notary services are available online or in-person. Explore the rest of the website to discover the many ways we can help you. If you have inquiries, reach out to us via email at [email protected] 

Service Overview

  • Litigation Vendor Services
  • Medical Damages Spreadsheets
  • Medical Treatment Chronologies
  • Freelance and Independent Contracting with firms & corporations.
  • Administrative Services
  • Notary Services, Including RON (eNotary) Services
  • Preparation of Living Wills, Advanced Directives, Healthcare Surrogate Forms, Last Will and Testaments, and Power of Attorney Documents
  • Assistance With Motor Vehicle Accident Claims and Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage Forms 
  • Document Assistance
  •  Person, Background & Property Search

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